On 4th March 2020, The Investiture Ceremony for the academic session 2020 was held with great pomp and dignity in a special ceremony at the school assembly. The event was presided over by the Sir. Martin Banerjee. It was conducted with the high degree of earnestness and passion.
The Investiture ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence that the school consigns in the newly invested office bearers. The newly elected Prefect pledge to bestow their duties to the best of their abilities as Rev. Fr. Charles Sada, Astt Headmaster read out the oath. Sri. Arjun Gurung, Georgian ALUMNI secretary and President of GNLF Pedong 40 Samasty was the chief Guest for the day.

2020 prefect and vice prefect

Dipesh Pradhan
Class XII A
School Boys Captain
Yogita Rai
Class XII A
School Girls Captain
Eman Lepcha
Class XII B
Boys Captain, Nalanda House
Sulochana Pradhan
Girls captain
Nalanda House
Akash Thakuri
Class X
Boys Vice Captain, Nalanda House
Dichen Bhutia
Class X
Girls Vice Captain, Nalanda House
Chedup Namgyal Bhutia
Ajanta House Boys Captain
Sujata Bishwakarma
Ajanta House Girls Captain
Dhrub Lama
Class X/B
Ajanta House Boys Vice captain
Shika Rai
Class X/A
Ajanta House Girls Vice Captain
Edwin Lepch
Class XII
Dilwara House Boys Captain
Afsana Rai
Class XII
Dilwara House Girls Captain
Shyam Gupta
Class X
Dilwara House Boys Vice Captain
Sharon rai
Class X
Dilwara House Girls Vice-Captain
Abishek Mukhia
Class XII
Ellora House Boys captain
Prashanti Chettri
Class XII
Ellora House Girls Vice-captain
Ayush Bhujel
Class X
Ellora House Boys Vice-Captain
Sumani Lepcha
Class X/D
Ellora House Girls Vice-Captain
Chusong Lepcha
Class XII
Culture Captain Boys
Monica Subba
Class XII
Culture Captain Girls
Remond Rai
Class X
Culture Vice Captain Boys
Jeena Tamang
Class X
Culture vice-captain Girls
Subham Chettri
Class XII
Sanitation Captain Boys
Larisha Rai
Class XII
Sanitation captain Girls
Manish Rai
Class X
Sanitation Vice Captain Boys
Azem Lepcha
Class X/D
Sanitation Vice Captain Girls
Aakash Sharma
Class XII
NSS Captain
Yangzi Sherpa
NSS Captain Girls
Mohit Thakur
Class XII
Games and Sports captain Boys
Dipshika Biswakarma
Class XII
Games and Sports captain Girls
Sanju Rai
Class X
Games and Sports Vice captain Boys
Uden Lepcha
Games and Sports Vice captain Girls
Elias Lepcha
YSM Captain
Nima Lamu Tamang
YSM Girls Captain
Simron Lepcha
Scouts Captain
Anjan Giri
Scouts Vice Captain
Priyam Gurung
Guides Captain
Kashina Rai
Guides Vice Captain