Rev. Fr. Francis Crasta
M.A. B.Ed
Headmaster , Bursar
Rev. Fr. Charles Lepcha
M.A. B.Ed
Astt. Headmaster, Hostel Superintendent

Georgian Principals & Vice Principals in Chronological Order 

Rev. Fr. Francis Crasta: 25th Aug. 1997 –
Rev. Fr. Peter Lingdamo
Rev. Fr. Rene Singh

Vice Principal
Rev. Fr. Charles Lepcha: 14th Dec 2011 –
Sri. Henry Pradhan
Dr. D.B. Dewan
Sri. P.B. Gurung

Name of lay Headmasters appointed by fathers indifferent times when they were need more to the apostolic  works:-

Mr. Johny Lepcha, Headmaster 1917.
Mr. Stanilas Ekka 1st  master (.1923-25)
Mr. Jagatdal  Dewan, Headmaster (1929-30)
Mr. Francis Kispotta, Headmaster (1931-32)
Mr. Peter Subba, Headmaster 1933.
Mr. MadanKumar Pradhan, Headmaster 1934.
Mr. Tek Prasad Pradhan, Headmaster (1935-36).
Mr. Nar Bahadur Gurung, Headmaster 1937.
Mr. Gyendra Bahadur Rai, Headmaster 1938
Mr. Tarsis Samling, Headmaster (1939-1940).